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Certification Testing

Certification Testing Information

Certification testing is an essential step in the licensing process when you initially apply for either a Private Property or Incident Management License or when you're looking to upgrade from a Consent Tow License. At Southwest Tow Operators, we understand the importance of ensuring that towing professionals meet the necessary qualifications and standards to operate safely and efficiently. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing accessible and convenient Certification Testing services throughout the great state of Texas.

Our commitment to serving the towing industry extends far and wide. To accommodate your needs, we offer Certification Testing by appointment, ensuring that you can find a suitable time that fits into your schedule. We recognize that individuals aspiring to become certified tow operators or those seeking to enhance their existing qualifications may have varying time constraints, and we aim to make the process as flexible as possible.

Where To Sign Up

We encourage you to visit our calander to further streamline the Certification Testing process. Here, you can access our schedule, which provides information about upcoming testing dates and locations. This resource allows you to plan and select the most convenient testing venue and date for you.

Additionally, you can click on our Proctor list to explore an even wider array of locations where Certification Testing is available.

Our Proctor list showcases various partner locations across Texas, ensuring that you can find a testing center near you. This network of partners allows us to expand our reach and bring Certification Testing closer to towing professionals across the state, reducing travel time and expenses.

At Southwest Tow Operators, we take pride in facilitating the Certification Testing process to help you achieve your licensing goals. We understand that towing is a crucial industry that requires skilled and knowledgeable professionals, and we aim to provide the necessary resources to support your journey to becoming a certified tow operator.

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