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Southwest Tow Operators was founded in 2007 to provide all the Tow Operators of Texas with a voice in the industry.  Since then we have become the largest towing association in Texas.  We have proven that strength in numbers creates amazing results not only with tow companies and storage facilities, but also for the employees of those companies.   Pride and professionalism, a creed we thrive on with our members, big or small.  Working closely with state regulators, we help set the standards for our industry in Texas. 

In 2008 TDLR required all Tow Operators to be Certified.  Southwest Tow Operators tested over 96% of the towers in Texas.  Southwest Tow Operators provided numerous testing locations all over the State of Texas and was the first to offer the Certification Testing in both English and Spanish. TDLR also required that Tow Operators take their Continuing Education each year.  Southwest Tow Operators has several locations throughout Texas to accommodate these requirements. 


Southwest Tow Operators is a Non Profit 501c (6) Association.  Individual payments may be deposited into the Southwest Tow Operators Political Action Committee account

Who Are We?

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Our Mission 

At Southwest Tow Operators, our mission is to provide unwavering support, exceptional service, and a sense of security to towing companies who face vehicular towing challenges on our Texas roads. We are committed to redefining the towing industry by prioritizing training, safety, legislation, and public awareness in every interaction. Our core values drive our dedication to excellence.

Our vision is to be the preferred Towing Association for our Texas  Tow Operators. We are best known for our reliability, professionalism, and genuine concern for our towing community. We envision a world where towers feel reassured knowing that Southwest Tow Operators is here to assist them in times of uncertainty when it pertains to legislation or safety measures and training.

Some Tow Company owners may feel that it is a waste of time and money to join a towing Association.  As a member of a Towing Association, you have a voice and you can help set the direction for the industry. The laws for towers are constantly changing and your association works with legislators to protect your industry. 


Fulltime Staff

Fulltime lobbyist working for you.  

Certification and CE Training throughout the State

Discounts on Certification Testing & CE Training

Legislative updates

Industry updates

A voice in the Industry

Help with TDLR issues and concerns.


Gary Hoffman

1st Vice President, Legislative Chair

Tasha Mora

2nd Vice President

Greg Joyner

Founder/3rd Vice President

Rick Garrison


Renee Garrison


Lori Court 

Board Member

James Bennett

Board Member

David Escalera

Board Member

Geoff Nienstedt

Board Member

Tim Ward

Executive Director

Tommy Anderson


The board members have been specifically voted on based on the specific talents and skills they possess. These skills and talents, when brought together, provide the best opportunities for other towing companies and operators to grow and prosper within their areas of expertise. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us through (972)247-9454 or

Founder, Past Vice President

Dan Messina

Founder, Past Legislative Chair

Joann Messina

 Founder, 3rd Vice President

Rick Garrison

Founder, Treasurer

Rene Garrison

Founder, Past Vice President

Ramiro Sanchez

Founder, Past President, Past Executive Director

Jess Horton

Founder, Past Secretary

Dee Dee Brown


Founder, Executive Director

Tommy Anderson

Founder, Senior Operations Manager

Tess Anderson


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