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Congratulations to Region 4 for a sucessful meeting.

We want to thank everyone that attended and all that  sponorserd this meeting.


Without your support this would not be possible!


Affordable Care Act



You have been hearing a lot about the "Affordable Care Act" (ACA)


  1. How is it going to affect the way I run my business?
  2. Is it really affordable?
  3. What if I ignore it?
  4. How does it affect me and my profit?
  5. What are the penalties and fines?


The answer to all these questions will be coming over the next few weeks and will give you plenty of time to plan your future. Some of the reasons you want to offer health insurance to your employees are:


  1. Your competitor’s offer a health plan and some of your employees have quit to work for your competitor.
  2. Health Insurance for you and your employees – gives you       “Peace of Mind”


Overall – The ACA is going to raise consumer’s prices on groceries, dry cleaning, and every other consumer purchase. My dry cleaner has already raised his prices by 10¢ on shirts and 20¢ on dry cleaning, grocery prices are also raising – Towing & Storage rates will have to increase to cover insurance costs, etc. So, what is the answer?

We can discuss that next.


Bernhard Goldman

Health Insurance Specialist

Contact Info

  • Southwest Tow Operators
  • 660 N Central Expressway, Suite 230
  • Plano, Texas 75074
  • Toll Free: (866) 320-9300

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