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Tow truck driver killed in I-30 accident

HUNT COUNTY - Authorities say 43-year-old Billy Wayne Wooten was killed Tuesday night after he was struck by an 18 wheeler.

“He was loading a vehicle onto the wrecker. The vehicle that he was loading was due to an arrest that was made so it was being removed from the roadway and he was struck by a tractor trailer,” said Trooper Scott with the Department of Public Safety Office in Garland.

Scott added that the driver of the 18 wheeler apparently didn’t see Wooten as he was loading the suspect’s vehicle. The driver immediately stopped and waited for emergency personnel to arrive.

The incident occurred at about 9:40 p.m. near the 83 mile marker of eastbound interstate 30 in Hunt County.

Our condolences and our prayers go out to all involved and their family and friends.
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