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Bridgestone Firestone Tires

The Bridgestone Light Truck Fleet program is now being offered to Southwest Tow Operators Members regardless of the size of your fleet. The group is using its total buying potential to get the best purchasing price from Bridgestone. You can click on the link below to check pricing and find out how to sign up for the Bridgestone Light Truck Fleet program so you can start enjoying this special pricing from Bridgestone for Southwest Tow Operators members. Program benefits include guaranteed nationwide pricing, single source invoicing and a generous line of credit (upon approved credit) and support from the largest dealer network in America. There are no start up costs, no annual fees to participate in the program and no unit commitments to make in order to utilize the program. To find out more please visit or contact Ray Render at Bridgestone – or 615-390-2126.

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Continental Tires

The Continental Tire Tow Truck Program is only offered to Southwest Tow Operator’s Members. Tires must be purchased from an Authorized Continental Dealer. Users of the program must identify themselves as Tow Operators to their local Continental Dealer and indicate they wish to purchase tires on the Continental Tow Truck Program. Dealers should know how to process these program sales. In the event that they do not, please have them contact the Government Sales Office in Fort Mill at 1-888-367-7912 and select option #4 for CVT for details.

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Tow Partners

TowPartners announced today that it has recently partnered with Michelin to be the primary supplier for the towPartners tire program.  This program brings a simple process to towPartners members, allowing them to setup an account directly with Michelin and to receive the towPartners pricing on their purchases.  This new member pricing is very aggressive and is expected to add significant value to the towPartners membership as well as to provide new sales for Michelin through the partnership.

The new tire program being offered to towPartners members is geared toward member companies with fleets who purchase tires from local dealers.  Using the program, towPartners members receive tremendous discounts on the tires they purchase and still have access to the local dealer network for delivery of tires as well as mounting, balancing and other tire related services.  Participation is limited to current towPartners members whose fleets represent hundreds of thousands of tires in use every day.

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