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Executive Director
Tommy Anderson
Administrative Staff
STO Founder
Office Manager
timRyan Oser
Website Administration
Region Board Representatives
Region 1
Solomon Cruz
Region 3
Freddy Ximenex III
Region 6
Jason Ward

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Board Of Directors

Jess Horton
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1st Vice President
Gary Hoffman
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2nd Vice President
David Escalera
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3rd Vice President
Ricky Cantu
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Dee Dee Brown
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Bruce Brown
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Regional Directors

Region 1
Tony Treadwell
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Region 2
Bobby Hennis
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Region 3
Jason Banis
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Region 4
Fidel Cortez
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Region 5
Tommy Curlee
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Region 5 - South
Gary Kersh
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Region 6
Greg Joyner
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Region 7
Jason Cunningham
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Past President
Dan Messina
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Past 2nd Vice president
Ramiro Sanchez

Past 3rd Vice president
Rick Garrison
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Legislative Chair
Past Treasurer
Joann Messina
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Contact Info

  • Southwest Tow Operators
  • 811 S Central Expwy Suite 200
  • Richardson, Texas, 75080
  • Toll Free: (866) 320-9300

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